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Dar Al Ebdaa Real Estate April 3, 2017

Dar Al Ebdaa Real Estate draws the attention of visitors to Dubai International Property Show 2017.
Dar Al Ebdaa Real Estate April 3, 2017

Dar Al Ebdaa Real Estate attracts many visitors from different nationalities. During the second day of the exhibition.

The management of Dar Al Ebdaa Company has announced a new and distinctive offer for customers and distinguished visitors on the occasion of the exhibition. It is for the Mountain View Bosnia Resort and Pine Forest Complex projects
By paying 50% down payment and 50% delivery and receipt of the villa within 6 months only

The International Property Show 2017 is the only one of its kind to offer real estate transactions on its own land thanks to the license granted by RERA in Dubai, enabling real estate companies to get cash payments for properties sold at the show.
Since the inauguration of the exhibition yesterday, a large number of visitors and investors have begun to come and see the pavilion of Dar Al Ebdaa Real Estate Company, which offers a variety of offers and models for the various real estate projects that they market in the exhibition. Dar Al Ibdaa Real Estate Company has also started selling transactions taking advantage of the potential offered by the exhibition.
Participants in the exhibition include leading real estate companies and many official bodies from around the world such as: Detroit Asset Management, Dubai Real Estate Institute, Keland Company, Sean Real Estate Development Company, Wahat Al Zaweya Investment and many others.
Six US real estate companies are taking part in the event, led by Carnan Real Estate, a real estate development company based in Houston, Texas. The company implemented.


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